Do you sometimes wish you could extend your office or living space at the turn of a handle? Sliding and folding sliding doors create undreamt of freedom. Patio and garden become one; balcony and patio become part of the living space. With large-scale glass constructions, Schüco sliding systems offer a variety of new design concepts both inside and outside.

Aluminium is the ideal material for multi-leaf sliding systems. The solidity of the insulated and non-insulated profiles, coupled with good machinability, guarantees precision-fit components with a high degree of energy-saving weathertightness, as well as optimum sound insulation. A further advantage is the almost unlimited range of different surface finishes available.

Thanks to the high stability of aluminum, buildings can be designed with narrow face widths and particularly large areas of glass, providing maximum transparency and light penetration. Schuco offers a wide range of design concepts, from highly thermally insulated sliding and folding sliding doors to non-insulated sliding systems for inside. The system designs for the inside and outside can be combined seamlessly due to their design.


  • Wide range of shapes and designs. 
  • High level of stability with low weight.
  • The various smooth-running and space-saving opening types help maximise your comfort.
  • High insulation and security technology. Burglar-resistant up to WK2. 
  • Special external and internal series. Minimum space required.
  • Compatible with the Schuco world of systems.
  • Wide choice of colours. The profile surfaces can be designed in different colors inside and outside.
  • Aluminium systems are also available in both non-insulated and extra thermal insulation versions.
  • All sliding constructions are impressvely smooth and easy to handle. This makes them ideal for universal use in the residential and commercial sector.
  • E-slide equipment available for automatic operation and more comfort.



In inside areas, or where no additional thermal insulation is required, the uninsulated sliding doors of the Schuco ASS 50.NI system create large, transparent openings: as units that join and divide business and office rooms, or as the ideal transition to in-between areas (for example, to conservatories).
With minimal profile face widths of only 89 mm, the sliding door constructions allow large glass areas with maximum light penetration, whilst requiring a minimum amount of space.

Non-insulated sliding and lift-and-slide system with narrow face width for large glazing units

Key features

  • Slim face widths of the leaf frame (89mm)  for maximum light penetration. Basic depth of vent profiles : 50mm.
  • Aluminium profiles with high stability.Compatible with other Schuco systems.
  • Easy operation with (lockable) one-hand handles
  • Leaf weights up to 150 kg. Efficient installation due to optimized glazing beads.
  • Glass thickness of 8 - 32 mm can be used.
  • Double track design. Smooth, quite operation of sliding units.
  • Optional burglar resistance

Easy, quiet operation with high-quality roller carriage

An economical solution for sliding doors in building interiors or anywhere where no thermal insulation is required. Creates large, transparent openings: as units that join and divide business and office rooms. 

The sliding doors of the Schuco ASS 50 system create generous, unimpeded and smooth-running passage openings (with three tracks, up to two-thirds of the unit width) and require a minimum amount of space. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inward or outward. In a closed state, the aluminium system offers excellent thermal and sound insulation owing to perfect weathertightness.
As the sliding vents run on a single level, there are no door leaves either inside or outside, providing more space for your interior.

Thermally insulated sliding system with solid vent frame and minimal face widths

Key features

  • Thermal insulation Uv=1.9 W/m2K with unit size 2500x2500mm and double glazing with Uv=1.1 W/m2K
  • Max. vent width 3000 mm and vent height 3000 mm
  • Max.vent weight 400kg 
  • Solid vent frame with minimal face width (89mm)
  • Schuco e-slide concealed mechatronic drive system can be integrated (optional)
  • Watertightness up to class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12208
  • Burglar-resistant design up to security class WK2
  • Wide range of designs based on single, double and triple track outer frames

    An economical solution for sliding doors in building interiors or anywhere where no thermal insulation is required. Creates large, transparent openings: as units that join and divide business and office rooms.

 Schüco ASS 70.HI - это подъемно-раздвижная системаThe Schuco ASS 70.HI system offers the best thermal insulation, perfect weathertightness and excellent burglar resistance with maximum ease of use. It is characterised by large opening widths with large scale glass constructions. Even large, heavy door leaves will lift and slide with minimum of effort. 

Schuco AWS 70.HI PASK (tilt/slide) is ideal combination of sliding door and turn/tilt window. The system is user-friendly and easy to operate. System provides the best thermal insulation and burglar resistance up to WK2. the sliding vent moves inwards and across the front of the fixed glazing unit. This is a space-saving solution of entrance to balcony/terrace.

A new fitting and additional opening options for even greater flexibility and design freedom 

Key features

  • Optimised thermal insulation Uw<1.3 W/m2K depending on the design. Burglar resistance up to WK2.
  • Basic depth of vent profile of 70mm. Basic depth of outer frame from 160mm. Face width of leaf 88mm.
  • Max. leaf width 3000 mm and leaf height 3000 mm, depending on the design.
  • Vent weights of up to 400kg, depending on the design. Single, double and triple track outer frames.
  • A variety of colour combinations possible inside and outside.

    Highly insulated sliding window system for use where opening vents in modern high-rise buildings are required

С помощью теплоизолированной складной раздвижной двери Schüco ASS 70 FD практически полностью открываются целые стеклянные стены.With  the    thermally   insulated  folding  sliding  doors ASS 70 FD, complete glass walls can be opened almost fully. The door leaf stack folds easily, without the need for force, inward or outward, and slides to the right and/or to the left. The door leaves roll almost silently on roller carriers and are securely guided at the top and at the bottom.            
Highly thermally insulated construction of ASS 80 FD.HI provides U values of <1.3 W/m2K.

Thermally insulated Folding sliding doors for exteriors that can be opened almost fully 

Key features  

  • Vent size: maximum width 1200mm, maximum height 3000mm. Maximum vent weight 100kg.
  • U value 1.8 W/m2K (with corresponding glazing) means high thermal insulation.
  • Glazing thickness of 6-45 mm can be used. Sound reduction up to class 4, depending on the glazing.
  • Units can be moved to the right, to the left, inwards or outwards, as required. 
  • Burglar resistance up to WK2.
  • Wide range of designs and colours (anodized, RAL or NCS range).

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