Aluminium is the ideal material for multi-functional office partitions. The solidity of the profiles range, coupled with good machinability, guarantees precision-fit components with a wide possibilities, as well as optimum sound insulation. A further advantage is the almost unlimited range of different surface finishes available, as well as any type of glass could be used.

Thanks to the high stability of aluminum, partitions can be designed with narrow face widths and particularly large areas of glass, providing maximum transparency and light penetration. Schuco and Alumil systems offer a complete solutions for interiors with partition walls and different opening units, from non-insulated sliding and folding doors to fire proof removable glass partitions .


  • Wide range of shapes and design flexibility. 
  • High level of stability with low weight.
  • Wide range of construction solutions.
  • High sound insulation and security technology. 
  • Special external and internal series. Minimum space required.
  • Compatible with the Schuco world of systems.
  • Wide choice of colours. The profile surfaces can be designed in different colors inside and outside.
  • Sliding and folding constructions are impressvely smooth and easy to handle. This makes them ideal for universal use in the residential and commercial sector.



Glass gives your partition walls a high-quality appearance and creates light, open rooms. Its soundproofing properties allow you to work undisturbed and in peace - ideal conditions for offices.

SP 35000/SP 95000SCHÜCO AWS 50NI
The non-insulated high-quality, secure and economical solutions with 50 mm basic depth for interiors, e.g. airports, exhibition centres and shopping centres etc. With the thermally insulated window system, a uniform internal and external building design can be achieved using identical face width.   Their uses include windows, doors, sliding systems and infill panels, partitions stairwells, porch enclosures and reception areas.

A folding sliding door ASS 50 FD.NI is the ideal choice in areas where thermal insulation is not required. The door system can be opened fully in passages or used to extend business rooms and offices. The door leaf stack folds easily with minimal force and slides to the right and/or to the left to save space.

In terms of technology, design and colour, every possible requirement can be met.

SCHÜCO IW 50. Design flexibility 
The IW 50 series of attractive solutions from Schueco provides all metal fabricators with high degree of flexibility in building interiors. The IW 50 system offers an impressive range of designs, with options for individual combinations and configurations. 

Open, communicative solutions with transparent walls and integral blinds are possible, likewise closed partitions with cladding. A wide selection of attractive door designs is also available. From fully glazed doors and aluminium doors to wood veneer or lcquered, room-height doors; individual project-specific solutions can be designed.


  • Big office buildings and compact office areas
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Banks, airports, auto centers
  • Residental buildings and modern-style apartments



Advances in fire-rated glass technology by AGC Glass Europe* have made it possible to achieve much larger expanses of clear glazing without compromising the protection required by the Standards.

Pyrobel Vision Line allows for new design options and architectural solutions which are more and more requested by architects and designers.

The system uses multiple Pyrobel fire-rated glazing panels, separated by 4 to 5 mm of Fire Resistant silicone joint - providing you with clear, unobstructed views and the ultimate in fire protection.

With the absence of intermediate framing, the Pyrobel Vision Line transparent wall offers continuous views and uncompromising beauty.

The Pyrobel Vision Line has been tested for 30 and 60 minutes integrity and insulation (EI – Insulation following EN 13501-2) in steel and aluminium frames.


  • Both fire rated classes available EI 30 and EI 60 
  • Clear partition without mullions 
  • Transparent glass glass corners without mullions are possible
  • Different type of silicones used 
  • Adaptable with all kind of frames and doors 
  • Unlimited partition available 
  • Safety glass with impact resistance values (EN 12600) 
  • Sound reduction values (EN 12758)


Technical advice regarding specification and installation available from AGC.
AGC Glass Europe makes and processes flat glass for the construction industry (exterior glazing and interior decorative glass) and for specialised industries. Based in Brussels, Belgium, it is the European branch of AGC Glass, the world’s leading producer of flat glass.

ALUKON provide the tested solution for the internal glazed walls with 60 minutes resistance to fire in aluminium frame Schuco ADS 80 FR 60.

The Pyrobel Vision Line system makes use of several panels which are connected at 4 to 5 mm distance from each other by a silicone joint (Butt-joint) . The result is a continuous wall with an unobstructed view . The Vision Line Pyrobel glass is a transparent laminated glass composed of sheets of glass and fire-resistant, intumescent, interlayers. In case of fire the intermediate layers will spontaneously swell and form a refractory and opaque foam. Pyrobel Vision Line meets the criteria for ' Integrity and Insulation' ( EI) .


  • Fireproof classes EI 30 , EI 60 and EI 120
  • Standard Symmetrical fire
  • Safety in accordance with EN 12600 ( 1B1)
  • For use in barriers it can be laminated to reach the desired strength
  • design possibilities
  • Transparent walls without mullions 
  • Available as single internal glazing , single glazing with UV filter (EG - type)
  • Can be layered with decorative range of AGC in single glass
  • Available in Clear Vision ( extra clear glass)

Vision Line brochure

Reference - Latvijas Nacionālā Bibliotēka, Riga, Latvia

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