Schüco Jansen Steel Systems

In partnership with Schüco and Jansen AG, ALUKON offers solutions for façade, door and window technology as well as security and safety constructions from high quality steel profile systems.

In this way, Schüco Jansen solutions are opening a new dimension in system expertise: architectural freedom, technological solutions for almost all requirements and effi cient fabrication are ideally complemented.

Schüco stålsystem Jansen - Janisol®: isolerad stålprofilserie för fönster, fasader och fasta glaspartier

Isolerade Janisol®-fönster skyddar effektivt mot kyla. De smala profilerna ger stor frihet i designen. Fönsterbågar i alla öppningsvarianter kan realiseras.

Det omfattande beslagssortimentet för Janisol®-fönster i alla öppningsvarianter(sidohängt, underkantshängt och tvåvägsfönster samt fönster med mötesbågar och lyft-/skjutbara element) uppfyller alla individuella krav på komfort och säkerhet.

Taking nature as our guide, we apply the structural benefits of plant stems and long bones to steel profiles. The very slender profile dimensions allow more light and greater room for creativity, giving architects, designers and users alike an exciting range of options. Steel is robust and resistant to mechanical wear and tear. Schüco Jansen steel systems are therefore particularly suitable for public buildings: commercial and industrial buildings, schools and hospitals, sports and leisure centres, service centres and railway stations.

Of the materials widely used in building construction, steel has the highest E module value at approx. 210 kN/mm2 . This offers new and interesting options with regard to structural calculations for fire protection, burglar and bullet resistance and noise reduction. The wide range of products also includes thermally-insulated stainless steel systems and profiles. Doors, windows and façades are created using tubular steel profile systems. Industrial pre-fabrication makes the fabrication process simple, time-saving and cost-effective. The large range of profiles is complemented by an extensive range of fittings. In addition to technical documentation and specialist planning software, comprehensive consultancy and training is available for designers, architects and fabricators.

Schüco Jansen Steel Systems - Janisol®

Multifunctional doors with proven technology.

The flush-fitted door profile series is ideally suited to creating visually attractive and structurally superior single and double-leaf doors. The use of high-quality insulating bars and mechanically undercut rolling means that a high degree of rigidity is achieved despite a minimal basic depth of 60 mm. In addition to the special requirements for public areas, such as resistance to repeated opening and closing and high levels of mechanical stability, the doors have also been tested extensively in terms of high sound insulation values, burglar resistance (to RC3) and bullet resistance (to FB4). The appearance is co-ordinated to match the other Jansen door systems for fire and smoke protection. The sight lines are practically identical. For the designer, this guarantees that sight lines are identical even where requirements are different. The Janisol systems have successfully passed the tests laid down in the product standard EN 14351-1. On this basis, manufacturers can label windows and external doors with the CE mark which is obligatory throughout the EU.

Janisol HI – New thermally insulated steel profile system for doors and windows

Steel windows with optimum thermal break.

Modern windows must meet a number of different demands and perform a variety of functions. They must save energy, be airtight and watertight, easy to use, meet structural requirements, but also be highly attractive. Janisol HI steel windows and fixed glazing feature isolators made from glass fibrereinforced polyurethane and boast optimum thermal and structural properties, achieving UW values to 0.69 W/m2 K for fixed glazing and UW values to 0.8 W/m2 K for windows. With a basic depth of 80 mm (leaf 90 mm), vent dimensions of up to 2800 mm and a vent weight of 180 kg are possible. Different infill unit thicknesses up to 66 mm can be used with triple glazing, but also with burglarresistant or bullet-resistant glass. Due to the slimline external face width and the wide variety of coating options, Janisol HI steel windows can meet high thermal insulation requirements in terms of both function and design.

Janisol HI - högisolerat stålsystem för dörrar

Schüco Janisol HI – för dig som vill ha snygga och transparenta dörrar i storformat med U-värden på passivhusnivå

Det nya dörrsystemet i stål kombinerar transparens i storformat med fantastiskt låga U-värden. Som om inte den snygga designen, materialets statiska egenskaper och möjligheten att enkelt sätta in treglas vore nog, de bredare isolerstegen gör dessutom att montaget av lås förenklas väsentligt.

Ett nyutvecklat kammarsystem med tre hålkammare ger goda statikvärden och mycket låga U-värden. Tack vare byggdjupet på 80 mm kan du enkelt sätta in 3-glas isolerrutor. Systemet är komplett CE-testat för dörrar med utmärkt prestanda. Den enkla bearbetningen är tillförlitlig och rationell för kostnadseffektiv tillverkning av dörrelement i hållbart stål.

  • Komplett system för dörrar och fast glasning
  • Utvändigt livande fönster med mycket smal synlig profilbredd
  • Uw-värde från 0,8 W/(m²K)
  • Ud-värde från 1,2 W/(m²K)
  • Mycket hög täthet tack vare tre tätningsnivåer

Janisol 2 EI30

Fire-resistant doors and screens.

A thermally broken profile system for flushfitted, single and double-leaf doors, fireresistant glazing suitable for safety barrier loading and for doors in glass walls. The basic depth for door frames and door leaves is just 60 mm. Profiles with face widths of 25, 50 and 75 mm can be used for mullions and transoms. A continuous shadow joint inside and outside lends the construction a certain lightness and elegance with extremely narrow profile face widths.

A variety of brands of fire-resistant glazing can be used for infill units. A comprehensive range of fully tested fittings, locks, accessories and integrated door closers is also available. These can be integrated very easily into the hollow profile section. The appearance is co-ordinated to match that of all the other Jansen door systems.

Janisol 2 EI30 has many approval certificates. These are constantly being extended and improved in consultation with users and the building authorities. The many successfully tested system variations allow particularly costefficient, attractive and complex project solutions in line with objectives.

Janisol 2 EI30 doors have been certified as burglar-resistant doors in accordance with EN 1627, rated in resistance class 3, and approved as smoke doors in accordance with DIN 18095 and EN 1634-3.

Sheet metal clad fire doors - for high design standards.

Janisol 2 EI30 sheet metal clad fire doors can be fabricated as single and double-leaf doors with or without glazed sections. The door leaf and outer frame profiles are flush-fitted and therefore lend the construction an elegant appearance. The system provides plenty of scope for creativity whether it is with glazed side sections or toplights. Janisol 2 sheet metal clad fire doors are characterised not only by their appearance, but also by their simple and efficient fabrication. Smooth sheets can be welded or bonded, removing the need for complicated folding of the sheet metal. In addition, all Janisol 2 fittings can be used; vertical joint and horizontal safety bars are easy to attach.

Jansen-Economy E30

Fire-resistant doors and screens.

Jansen-Economy 50 E30.

Fire-resistant doors and partition walls in class E30 made from steel and stainless steel are designed to prevent the spread of fire. JansenEconomy 50 E30 allows transparent units to be fabricated economically – as single or doubleleaf doors, with side sections and/or toplights, or as a partition wall.

The basic depth for door frames and leaves is only 50 mm. Flush-fitted doors with a continuous shadow joint inside and outside can be fabricated with this profile system.

Jansen-Economy 60 E30.

The profile system with a basic depth of 60 mm is suitable for all applications where large fire-resistant E30 units with a slimline look are required. As the steel profiles are extremely torsion-proof, Jansen-Economy 60 E30 can be used to fabricate robust single and double-leaf door systems.

Both Jansen-Economy door systems have also been tested for smoke protection in accordance with EN 1634-3.

The tailored range of fittings includes locks, strike plates, electric strikes, door handles and specially developed 3D adjustable screw-on and weld-on hinges.

Their appearance is coordinated to match the other Schüco Jansen steel systems and they allow different requirements to be met, whilst retaining a uniform look.

Janisol C4 EI60 and EI90

Maximum fire protection.

Schüco Jansen Steel Systems - Janisol C4 EI90: The new fire door for the most demanding of security requirements.

Janisol C4 is a complete profile system for glazed single and double-leaf fire doors and glazing. The profiles with a basic depth of just 70 mm achieve security classifications up to EI90, due to the innovative fire-resistant infill panels. The profiles are filled with a ceramic fire board in the factory. This board forms a strong attachment to the steel profile, and is not adversely affected by fabrication steps, such as cutting or creating lock recesses. Due to its chemical properties, the ceramic board does not affect the steel surface finish, even on contact with fluids. Consequently, rolled steel profiles can also be filled.

To simplify the wiring of the system (electric strikes, side-hung door drives), Janisol C4 profiles are fitted with a cable channel as standard.

The appearance of the Janisol C4 fire-resistant construction is identical to the other Jansen fire door assemblies and the thermally insulated Janisol systems.

Janisol C4 permits the use of particularly narrow outer frame profiles. The fabricator has recourse to a wide selection of various glass thicknesses and panels. Centre glazing is also possible. The profile range, fittings, accessories and fabrication aids are identical for EI60 and EI90. The only difference is the choice of glazing. The result is maximum efficiency in planning and storage, as well as in fabrication and installation.


Jansen-Economy for doors and fixed glazing.

This profile series is characterised by its simple profile geometry, slender structures and maximum stability. This means streamlined production and economical installation. Single and double-leaf doors, with moving and/ or fixed glazing toplights and side sections: constructions with Jansen-Economy 50 and 60 offer potential for creative solutions to meet any building requirements. The JansenEconomy 50 and Jansen-Economy 60 door constructions have an impressive flush-fitted design, continuous shadow joints inside and outside, and a double rebate gasket. An automatic seal or rebate gasket can be fitted around the threshold if required. Both Jansen Economy door systems are also available as anti-finger-trap doors with rounded profiles

Jansen-Economy windows.

With a basic depth of just 50 mm (and 58.5 mm for the vent profile) Jansen-Economy 50 is also suitable for use for window vents: side-hung turn/tilt, double vent and bottomhung vents. Fully-tested, system-specific fittings are available for all opening types, complemented by attractive window handles in aluminium or stainless steel. JansenEconomy 50 window constructions have a centre gasket in the area around the window rebate plus a rebate gasket on the room side.

The Jansen-Economy door and window systems have been successfully tested in accordance with the product standard EN 14351-1. On this basis, manufacturers can label windows and external doors with the CE mark which is obligatory throughout the EU.

Janisol finger protection doors (anti finger trap)

Safety and design are perfectly combined.

The rounded half profiles minimise the risk of injury at the secondary closing edge. This then prevents crushing and shearing points as per EN 16005. With maintenance-free, highperformance hinge bushes, Janisol anti-fingertrap doors are particularly suitable for buildings with high frequency use by the public, e.g. shopping centres, schools or hospitals. Janisol anti-finger-trap doors meet the product standard EN 14351-1 for external doors and are CE certified.

The cable link connector from the frame to the leaf is concealed in the top hinge bush. The anti-finger-trap doors are compatible with the Janisol and Jansen-Economy 60 range of profiles. Integrated door closers and automatic side-hung door drives can also be installed.

Jansen Smoke and Fire protection doors and glazing

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