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Building on the benefits of steel.

VISS (a fully insulated glazing system) is a thermally insulated steel system for mullion/ transom constructions. All manner of façades can be built using a small number of modular components. The specific requirements of a given project can be met by adding extra system components. For structural requirements, a range of profiles with different basic depths and/or internal reinforcing options are available; there is also a choice of appropriate accessories and infill units to suit different functions. The external appearance of the façade remains unaffected.

Architects and designers are able to meet a range of thermal insulation, sound reduction and fire protection requirements while maintaining a uniform appearance. The small number of individual components facilitates warehouse storage and means that fabricators are soon familiar with the products. Various structural systems can be used to calculate the dimensions of steel façades (freely suspended, clamped on one side or continuous beams). Top and bottom fixing plates for building structure attachments can be easily and safely welded in place.

Profiles with face widths of 50 and 60 mm and basic depths of up to 150 mm are available for the room-side load-bearing structure. They can be welded on or pushed on. Welded constructions mean that prefabrication in the workshop is an option even for large façades and roof glazing. Precision manufacture of complex units and unusual shapes is possible. Stick constructions can also be produced quickly and safely using connecting spigots. It is possible to combine both fabrication methods.

The Jansen VISS façade systems have been successfully tested in accordance with the product standard EN 13830. On this basis, manufacturers can label façades with the CE mark which is obligatory throughout the EU.


Weathertight right down the line.

The VISS TV profile system for large vertical façades has an exceptionally flat inner gasket, which is almost flush with the steel profile. This allows the beauty of slimline constructions to be fully appreciated. Steel profiles with a very small outer radius are the result of state-of-the-art production and world-famous Swiss precision. Through constant dialogue with designers, architects and fabricators, these steel profiles have been optimised to create a modular system which can be used to produce a wide range of different façades efficiently and cost-effectively using only a small number of individual components. High quality polyamide coupling studs guarantee reliable thermal breaking. Continuous gasket overlaps in the transom area allow field drainage and ventilation in the glazing rebate – even without cover profile preparation. Outer cover profiles are available in a range of depths and shapes.

VISS TV meets the standards of the British Centre for Windows & Cladding Technology (CWCT) which are even more stringent than those of the DIN/EN norms. CWCT certification is recognised as a quality benchmark across Europe.


For the highest thermal insulation requirements.

This sealing system can be used with sloped or faceted glazing and for façades with higher insulation requirements. The horizontal or vertical gaskets lying on the same plane create a closed drainage level. Overlapping moulded gasket intersection points are bonded with special butyl seals; joint permeability and resistance to driving rain are certified up to 1200 Pa.

An insulating core in the glazing rebate gives the high insulation façade VISS HI an outstanding Uf value of 0.7 W/m2 K. In this way, the VISS TVS system makes a significant contribution to saving energy, making it best suited for the future.

For vertical façades, the glazing rebate is drained and ventilated by field drainage and ventilation, whereas with sloped and roof glazing, the rafter base points are used. To ensure overall stability, we recommend welding for the manufacture of units. This allows a high degree of prefabrication with quality that can be controlled.

Outer cover profiles are available in various depths and shapes which can also be bonded in the transom area of sloped glazing.


Simple but effective.

Structural glazing, that is all-glass façades, are a growing trend in architecture. Thanks to the outstanding structural properties of steel, they can be constructed in the best possible way. Glazed areas of up to 2500 x 5000 mm can visibly increase the transparency of the building envelope. Various glass anchors allow the installation of double or triple insulating glass up to a unit thickness of 70 mm. The Jansen VISS SG system can be combined with any VISS profile with face widths of 50 and 60 mm and with the VISS Basic solution which can be mounted on any support.

By adding the VISS SG projected top-hung window to the system, practical façade openings are seamlessly integrated into generous expanses of glass. Projected tophung windows can be flush-fitted in allglass façades, or used with cover caps in mullion/transom façades. As they are fitted with double or triple glazing, this guarantees optimum thermal insulation and, with vent surface areas up to 4 m2 and a weight of up to 180 kg, provides attractive insert units for generously sized façades.

VISS Delta and VISS Linea

Profiles for impressive steel facades.

Customers are attracted to these profiles with minimalist shapes which allow maximum light penetration to make interiors seem lighter – whether it be the elegant arrow-shaped VISS Delta or VISS Linea, the strong profile in the shape of a T-beam.

With a face width of only 50 mm and a shape tapered towards the interior, the profiles have a particularly light and elegant look. Various adaptable reinforcements in the hollow profile section extend the possibilities for clear, structured steel façades. The systems use approved technology and can be combined with the tried-and-tested VISS constructions.


Universal fire-resistant façades.

For the sensitive area of fire protection, Jansen has developed VISS Fire – a modular, fully insulated façade construction for universal use. The system is suitable for vertical façades in all fire resistance classes for interior and exterior use (E30/60/90, EI30/60/90 and E30 TVS). All modules are also TRAV safety tested. VISS Fire has also been tested and approved for use with Janisol 2 fire doors.

The mullion/transom construction with a slender face width of 50 mm offers many design options. Basic depths from 50 to 140 mm provide a whole range of structural solutions for creating multi-storey façade units up to 5000 mm in height and unlimited width. The many alternatives give the designer the necessary freedom to create attractive large areas of glazing. The Delta and Linea load-bearing profiles can be used to make an elegant statement.

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