PVC is the most frequently used material for windows. Due to its excellent value for money and its very good thermal insulation properties, PVC-U is often the number one choice for windows.

New windows provide for additional comfort at home. Their design and the materials used provide very effective sound insulation. Two sealing levels also prevent draughts even when the wind is blowing hard outside. In addition, the optimum transparency of modern insulating glass allows for greater light than ever before.


Corona - PVC windows for every requirement
With its various systems, Schüco offers a wide range of options: the highly thermally insulated systems Corona SI82 and 5 chamber CT 70 with its three different styles Cava, Rondo and Classic, and also the more simple window systems such as Corona 60 AS. These systems offer you windows in the most varied designs and colours.



Mounting depth of the frame 70mm 82mm 82mm
Mounting depth of the leaf 90mm 102mm 102mm
Max. thickness of glazing 36mm 48mm 48mm
Thermal insulation Uv=1,3 W/m2K Uv=0,9 W/m2K Uv=0,8 W/m2
System possibilities Entrance doors, balcony doors, sliding doors Entrance doors, balcony doors, sliding doors Entrance doors, balcony doors, sliding doors
Additional possibilities wide range of colours, wood textures wide range of colours, wood textures wide range of colours, wood textures
Hardware possibilities Micro ventilation, tilt / turn opening, WK1-WK2 burglar resistance Micro ventilation, tilt / turn opening, WK1-WK2 burglar resistance Micro ventilation, tilt / turn opening, WK1-WK2 burglar resistance

Corona CT 70 windows offer timeless lines and slender profile contours. The well-balanced design of the Cava, Rondo and Classic vents underline the individual appearance of your home. A wide selection of colour and woodgrain finishes can lend their own emphasis to both the interior and the exterior of your home.
The CT 70 range has yet more to offer - from the choice of RAL-imitation colours to the option to combine different colour shades on the inside and outside of window frames and vents. Every feature is designed to allow you freedom of expression.
Corona CT 70 windows offer many ways of making your home not just more attractive and charming, but also of improving the condition of its fabric and maintaining or even increasing its value. The crisp styling and slender profiles of the frames increase the proportion of glazing in the window. This allows greater light penetration, for brighter rooms and an open and friendly atmosphere.

PVC-U systems Corona SI 82 with a basic depth of 82 mm achieve high thermal insulation values with the narrowest of face widths. These profile systems are the ideal answer to rising energy costs and more stringent environmental protection demands. All the demands for window shapes and colours can be fulfilled due to Schüco system compatibilty.

  • Schüco Corona Basic depth 82 mm: key features

    • Profile depth of 82 mm
    • Narrow face width of 120 mm with the standard profile combination
    • Increased basic depth for more security and protection against break-in
    • Two vent geometries available
    • Silver-grey gaskets on white profiles for a discreet appearance
    • Uw values of 0.73 W/(m²K) can be achieved depending on profile combination and glazing

Schuco was one of the first PVC manufacturers to secure the Passivhaus certification. Most PVC windows require steel reinforcement members for larger sizes. These steel members are responsible for significant thermal bridging inside the frame.

Алюминиевая конструкция SCHÜCO FIRESTOP II EI30 для дверей и перегородокThe SI82+ profile extrusions include vertical aluminum stiffeners, minimizing thermal bridging and providing for superior frame U-values of U(frame)=0.156 BTU/(hr-sf-F) (SI82+ profile) and U(frame)=0.132 BTU/(hr-sf-F) (SI82+PHI profile).

Key Features of Schuco Tilt-Turn Windows:

    • Profile depth of 82mm.
    • 8-chamber profile system with excellent insulation properties.
    • Available in a variety of simulated wood and solid color finishes. 
    • The one-handle operation allows windows to tilt in for safe and secure ventilation, or turn in or easy cleaning.
    • Multi-point locking hardware for excellent air tightness and burglar resistance.
    • Easy installation and smooth operation due to fully adjustable sash hardware.
    • Superior sash strength suitable for heavy glass assemblies in extra large openings.
    • A selection of handle/hinge styles and finishes.
    • Consistent sash profiles for both windows and patio doors providing for unified architectural sightlines.
    • Full range of triple pane glazing options up to 1.73in thick.
    • Insect screens mounted on the exterior.
    • Custom sizes and custom designs, including curved profules and true French casements.
    • Extra large sash sizes.
    • Schuco window profiles and hardware are made of 100% recyclable components.


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