Objects in Latvia

ALUKON is leading contractor of glass building constructions, with the great experience in project implementation. ALUKON is specialized in design, manufacture and installation of aluminum constructions of any complexity and configuration. Our product range includes various systems of glass facades, windows and doors, glass roofs, winter gardens, and interior partitions.

Valdemara iela, Riga Nordea Bank
Multi functional building, Riga Oldtown, Latvia Kalpu nams
Office complex, Riga, Latvia Ģertrūdes centrs
Appartment complex, Riga, Latvia Āraišu 36
Shopping center "Azur", Riga Galeria Azur 
Hotel "Bergs", Riga Bergs Hotel
Baltic Beach Hotel Baltic Beach Hotel
Hotel "Royal Old City" Royal OldCity Hotel
Apartment complex Rupniecibas
Car sales centre Toyota centre
Car sales centre "Renault" Renault centre
Shopping center, Riga Audeju 14
Appartment complex, Riga, Latvia Skanstes Virsotnes
Private house Private Home, Jurmala
Riga Technical University Riga Technical University
Residential complex Astor Rezidence
Apartment complex Admirāļu Osta, Jūrmala
Residential complex, Jurmala Elegija, Bulduru pr-ts 52, Jūrmala, Bulduri
Hotel Riga Hotel Riga
Apartment complex Park Residence, Riga, Latvija.
University of Latvia Latvijas Universitate
Apartment complex Dzimtenes 1, Jurmala, Latvia
Apartment complex  The Pearl Ādaži
Appartment complex «Parusa», Jurmala, O.Kalpaka 6,8.  Appartment complex «Parusa»
Car sales center "Mercedes Benz" Mercedes Benz centre
Appartment house Madonas, Jurmala
Apartment buildings, Riga Solaris
Residential and office complex Panorama Plaza 
administrative building Ādažu kultūras centrs
 PORSCHE reconstruction ул. Краста 54, Рига
Miera Park House Miera 55/57, Riga, Latvija
Apartment building (new building) ул. Морес 18, Рига
Apartment building. Vidus prospects 54, Jurmala
Hotel. Kaleju 70, Riga Avalon Hotel
Office building, Riga Izoterm, Latvia
Transport park, Latvia Kekava, Latvia
Livu aquapark, Latvia Livu aquapark
Hotel "Royal Square", Riga Royal Square Hotel
Administrative building, Latvia Jurkalnes
Shoping centre, Latvia Krasta centrs
Residental house, Latvia Jurmalas Vilnis
Car sales centre, Latvia Chrysler centre
Residental house, Latvia Bulduru pr-ts, Jurmala
Car sales centre, Latvia BMW centre, Riga
Shopping centre, Latvia Bernu Pasaule, Riga
Apartment complex Skanstes, Riga
New built residental building Iecavas str. 1, Riga
Valdemara 23, Riga Hotel Valdemars

Our projects

Avalon Hotel, Рига, Kaleju 70 Facade and windows systems of Schuco

Nordea Bank, office complex, Riga Schuco facades, internal partitions, complete work

Gertrudes Centrs, office complex, Riga Schuco systems, facades, double-facade cladding, design, complete work

Appartament house, Jurmala Schuco systems, facades, design, complete work